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NP & PA Articles and News




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These videos are sponsored by Jackson & Coker, which helps 1,500 physicians and advanced practitioners each year find work they love in locum tenens, temporary and permanent positions at healthcare facilities nationwide and while there are many references to physicians, the logic and the advice is the same for both physicians and advanced practitioners.

Topics addressed in the videos:

  • Using Job Boards, Agencies and Job Search Apps
  • Recruiters vs. Do-it-Yourself
  • Interviewing and Site Visits
  • Advance Practice Contract Negotiation
  • Professional Liability Insurance (Malpractice Insurance)

Finding My Fit: Hospital Employment or Private Practice

Consult with colleagues who have chosen each option – employment with a hospital or system and private practice – especially people who have started in one and moved to the other, for broader perspective. Play video to hear the pros and cons on each side.


NP & PA job boards, agency boards and advance practice job search apps

Job boards can help pinpoint Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant jobs in specialties, practice styles and locations you’re interested in. Search NP and PA jobs on your own or let an agency handle the work. Play video to know more.


Recruiters vs. Do-it-Yourself

With all the factors to consider about you advance practice job search, and so many moving parts, many advanced practice practitioners find it most effective to put their search in the hands of experts. Play video to know more.


Interviewing and Site Visits

Be prepared to do the talking to convince employers you are the best fit for their practice, hospital or system. Do research so you can ask intelligent—and relevant—questions. You are there to find out about the position and the site as much as they are there to find out about you.


Professional Liability Insurance (Malpractice)

It is really called “professional liability insurance,” but it’s often short-handed as “malpractice insurance.” It protects your assets, in case a claim is made against you. Play video to find out the details involved.


Quality Advice from Partners You Can Trust has partnered with the prestigious in order to provide you with valuable information on:

Roger Conference
  • How to properly format your CV
  • What to expect when initiating your job search
  • Contract pitfalls you should avoid
  • and much more...

Mr. Roger Bonds, the president of the American Academy of Medical Management, has taught thousands of physicians and hospital administrators these tips and techniques. You will hear the same key points and that will help guide you on your individual career path. Video Resources


Advanced Practice Contract Review & Negotiation BASE PAY


CV Tips and ADVICE for the Curriculum Vita


Advanced Practice Contract Negotiation -
Advanced Practice Compensation Signing Bonuses


Advanced Practice Articles and News

Articles and News

Advanced Practice Contract Negotiations - Base Pay and The Four B’s

How do you know how much you should be paid in a new position? Also, keep in mind that Base pay is just one part of your overall compensation package, along with the Bonus, Benefits and possible Buy-in opportunities. In this content packed article, physician contract expert, Roger Bonds of outlines many of the major concerns. To read more, click here

Articles and News

15 Major Concerns for Your New Advanced Practice Contract

In this hard-hitting article, contract expert, Roger Bonds outlines 15 of the major problems with today’s advance practice employment contracts. This article also outlines many of the questions that a advanced practice practitioner must ask when considering a new position. To read more, click here.

Articles and News

Advanced Practice Employment and Partnership Contract Pitfalls

Whether you’re just completing your training or have been in practice for years, you must be extremely careful to ensure your contract is fair and equitable. Contracts have changed significantly in recent years, and some are written to only protect the employer or new partners. Here are some of the major pitfalls: To read more, click here.

Articles and News

Advanced Practice Contracts - Some Are Abusive

Some advanced practice contracts are abusive toward the nurse practitioner or physician assistant. That is they are written to take advantage of unknowing advance practice practitioners. In the “no holds barred” article, contract expert, Roger Bonds, outlines some of the abuse that is seen around the country, and the world. The key is to be analytical about the position and contract and not let your emotions take over. To read more, click here.

Articles and News

Advanced Practice Contract Negotiation - Who Pays Malpractice Tail?

In all cases, the employer should be paying the malpractice tail coverage when an employed physician leaves the practice. But many do not. How do you fight back against this unethical and sometimes illegal behavior. To read the full article by physician contract expert Roger Bonds, click here.




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